1. Dr. Blanas is actively involved within the Evanston community. She is currently a consultant with Better Media Alliance; a collaboration between various organizations in Evanston to bring quality, interactive and innovative communication platforms for the purpose of sharing ideas and information on topics ranging from news, arts and trends with residents and visitors

2. She helped found the Earth Day project, which focused on events that protect and sustain the environment in the Evanston community.  She started the Funville project offering young people a platform for innovative thinking by asking the youth of our community to envision ways of improving our community.

3. Dr. Blanas was a former president of the Kiwanis Club of Evanston. During her presidency she was the creator and co-chair of the Evanston Township High School Mouth Guard Program, which supports athletes by providing custom mouth guards to minimize the effects of traumatic impact during sport related activities.

4. Dr. Blanas also provides an opportunity for young people to learn about dentistry through an active intern programs to help future dental candidates, dental assistants and dental receptionists gain knowledge and skills in a working environment. Our office believes in innovative community outreach and working as a team is a part of defining our philosophy. 

5. She was also the founder and chairperson of the Faces of Evanston, an annual photography and videography contest that engagedthe arts and embraced the creative diversity that the city of Evanston offers. Dr. Blanas also co-hosted a local show on the arts called ACES. The show focused on the many creative events available to the community through local TV access and video streaming.